Does your computer need support and computer repairs? No problem, we can help you with your computer support and computer repair needs.If your computer is crashing, slow or unreliable. We can investigate the issue for you. We can troubleshoot your computer or network and resolve any issue you may have.

We aren’t biased either, we service all Windows, Apple, Linux and Android devices including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android Phones and Tablets, desktop and laptop computers.


Whilst the internet is a bustling virtual playground full of information and communication options. It can also open your computer to viruses, spam and pop-ups. These can range from being very annoying to devastating.

If you have a virus or are just worried about getting one, call our friendly technicians and we will:

    • Scan your computer for viruses, malware, spyware and pop-ups
    • Remove viruses, spyware and pop-ups from your computer
    • Perform updates on your existing virus protection (or install a new one for you)
    • Remove unwanted programs or adware that may attract more viruses
    • Optimise and cleanup your computer


If you have two or more computers, tablets or other devices such as a smartphone, connecting them with a wireless network can help you share the internet and give you added freedom.

Who says you need being bound to a desk is your only option. With a wireless connection you can take you internet anywhere around the house or office.

We can set up your wireless network with security, add more devices on the network for you and share files between all of your devices.

New device setup

Have you recently purchased a new computer or mobile device and need it setup for use and emails and other programs. We can help you from a basic setup all the way to transferring all your data and settings from an old computer to your new.

Need help installing printers, scanners or other peripheral devices? We can help with that too!


Not quite sure whats wrong with your computer, or just want to learn how to use a certain software? No problem.

Some of the questions we get asked include the following:

  • Show me how to download files from the internet?
  • How do i download photos from my camera and where do they go?
  • I want to set up a home office, what kind of hardware and software do I need?
  • Can you give me some tips on how to use my emails and browse the internet safely?

If these questions don’t relate to you, don’t worry. Call us and we can help you with any computer issues you may have.

Data backup and recovery

The data on our computers is precious to us. That’s why its important to have copies of our data on our computer as well as off. There are many ways we can make sure your data is safe and secure in case of hardware or software failure. We can provide software to do regular backup on an external device, or upload your data safe and secure on the cloud or your own personal home server.

Want to know more? ask us how we can help.


Do you need a new email address setup in your email client? (eg. Outlook). We can set up your emails, transfer  your addresses, create a signature or just show you simple tips on how to use your emails and send attachments.

Mobile device support

Our mobile devices are important to us. We need them working without fail to be in constant communication. If your Apple or Android device isn’t working as expected or you just need some general advice. We can help.

We offer our clients a world-class IT support and service experience. Our extensive support systems a strong network of well-qualified technicians ensures that you get excellent on-going value from all our computer network support services.

Scalable PC support solutions are provided by our rapid response team that is ready and poised to assist you in all network related troubleshooting efforts. You can count on us for the absolute best in PC and network support solutions.